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Cross Enrollment – University of Missouri Student wanting to take a class at Mizzou

Students Cross enrolling at Mizzou

  • What is Cross Campus Enrollment?
    Cross Campus enrollment gives currently-enrolled, undergraduate degree-seeking students at any of the University of Missouri (UM) Schools, the opportunity to take a class at another UM campus. Graduate Students should visit the Mizzou Grad School website for information on the UM Visiting Graduate Student Program.
  • Who are the other UM campuses?
    The University of Missouri located in Columbia, the University of Missouri – Kansas City, University of Missouri – St. Louis, and Missouri S&T in Rolla are the institutions that make up the UM System.
  • Who is the Host institution?
    The Host institution is the campus from which you would like to take a cross enrollment class.
  • Who is the Home institution?
    The Home institution is the campus in which you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student and from which you will earn your degree.
  • Do actions I take at my Home campus carryover to my Host campus, i.e. FERPA, AAA, name change, etc.?
    No, you must adhere to all policies, procedures and deadlines and take action at each institution in which you are enrolled.
  • What if I am already attending the Host campus?
    Before signing up for cross enrollment, please contact the Office of Admissions at to confirm your status.
  • Why should I cross enroll?
    Cross Campus Enrollment gives student more flexibility with their course selection, no application fees, automated transfer of credits after completion of the work at the Host campus and may enable you to stay on target to graduate on time. If a course is full on your home campus, you might be able to enroll in the same course on another campus.
  • Is there an application fee?
    No, there is no application fee as long as you elect to participate by using the link in your Student Center.
  • How do I know this course will apply towards my degree?
    Please check with your Home campus advisor to ensure that the course will be degree applicable.
  • Can I receive Financial Aid to help me pay for a course at another institution?
    Possibly. Contact the financial aid office at your Home institution to discuss your eligibility for what is called a consortium agreement.
  • What if I have already applied or am already taking classes at Mizzou and I want to participate in Cross Enrollment?
    Contact the Office of Admissions at to confirm your status before submitting the cross enrollment form.
  • How do I participate?
    • By submitting your request through the Cross Campus Enrollment page in your Home campus Student Center, your data will be automatically shared with the Host campus so they can review your eligibility to enroll.
    • Log onto your Home Campus student information system (MyView, Pathway or Joe’SS)
    • Choose the “Manage Classes” tile
    • Choose “Enrollment”
    • Choose “Cross Campus Enrollment”
  • How do I cross enroll?
    After you declare your intent to enroll, the campus where you seek to be cross enrolled will send an email to your student email account with instructions. It will be the email account issued to you by your Home campus.
  • How do I prove I have met a pre-requisite?
    Provide your unofficial transcript showing you have met the listed pre-requisite to the department offering the course. If you meet the pre-requisites for the course as determined by the department, the department will issue you a permission number for enrollment. Contact information can be found by searching for the department contact information on MU’s website.
  • What if I reach the number of credit hours allowed for a term?
    Contact the Office of the University Registrar at 573-882-7881 or Please attach an email with approval from your academic advisor.
  • Will I get one bill or two?
    You will receive a bill from each of the campuses in which you are enrolled. More information about Mizzou’s billing structure can be found here.
  • Can I use my UM Educational Assistance?
    Yes. You will need to complete the necessary UM form and indicate which campus the course is being offered. Once the form has been completed and the necessary signatures obtained, UM HR will route the form to the appropriate campus for processing.
  • Who do I contact for questions about cross campus enrollment at Mizzou?
    You can contact the Office of the University Registrar if you have questions at 573-882-7881 or
  • What if I need to withdraw from the cross enrolled class at Mizzou?
    Please contact the registrar’s office at Mizzou.
  • What tuition and fee reassessments are available?
    You should check the reassessment schedule on the campus where you have cross enrolled to find their adjustment dates on their Cashier’s calendar. Mizzou’s reassessment calendar can be found at
  • How do I know the calendar for the course?
    Please check with the academic calendar on the campus in which you have cross enrolled. Mizzou’s Posted deadlines apply only to full-semester and full-term classes. Check the dates on the class section within myZou for part-of-term, eight-week and self-paced classes
  • Do I need to request a transcript at the end of each term from the host institution?
    No. University of Missouri will automatically send an official transcript to your home institution.