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Mid-Missouri Universities Consortium

MMACU was formed in 1964 to encourage the sharing of experiences and resources among its members. In addition to MU, consortium institutions include William Woods University, Stephens College, Westminster College and Lincoln University. Full-time undergraduate students of the five MMACU institutions may take courses for credit at any of the five campuses on a space-available basis with the permission of their home institution.

The intent of cross-registration is to support students’ educational needs when a desired course is not offered at the home institution or when there are inherent schedule conflicts. To qualify for cross-registration, a student must be in good academic standing and enrolled full-time as an undergraduate. Non-native English speakers must meet all English language proficiency requirements of the school in which they wish to enroll.

To be considered for the cross-registration program, the student must be an undergraduate, seeking a degree and enrolled full time during the semester in which the cross-registration will occur.

  • MU defines full time for a fall or winter semester enrollment as 12 hours or more.
  • MU defines full time for a summer semester enrollment as 6 hours or more.
  • In determining whether a student is enrolled full time, the hours the student is taking at the home institution and at the cross-registration institution during that semester will be counted.

Students must also meet all other established program guidelines of the home institution and the cross-registration institution.

Each institution accepting students for cross-registration will provide a transcript for each student to the home institution at the end of the semester.

Students wanting to enroll in a study-abroad course at the University of Missouri should contact the Study Abroad Office at 573-882-3223 or for courses and enrollment information. MMACU students cannot enroll in a study abroad course under the MMACU agreement.

Grades from courses not taken on a University of Missouri campus are not included in the official university grade point average.

Each institution reserves the right to:

  • close the courses in some of its programs to cross enrollment
  • prohibit its students from enrolling in courses in certain programs at other member institutions
  • establish additional requirements governing both when its students will be allowed to cross register and when other institutions’ students will be accepted for cross-registration


Students are not allowed to register for courses through the Missouri Online program.

Students are not allowed to enroll in courses for which the department determines they do not have the necessary prerequisites.

Students are not allowed to cross register until the week prier to the start of term. See the academic calendar.


Any international student who enrolls at the University of Missouri must show proof of insurance coverage at the time of registration.

International Student Medical Insurance »

MMACU students may not enroll in a study-abroad course under the cooperative cross-enrollment agreement. Students who want to enroll in a study-abroad course at the University of Missouri should contact the Study Abroad Office.

All newly enrolled or readmitted MU students born after Dec. 31, 1956, must have proper immunization records.

Immunizations & Health Care »

Forms and additional information are available in the Office of the University Registrar’s Cherwell system.