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Visiting Student Program and Dual Enrollment Student Program

(Formerly Easy Access)

The visiting student (non-degree) program is designed for any student who

  • is not actively pursuing a degree at the University of Missouri, Columbia campus
  • wishes to earn undergraduate credit (for graduate credit, see below)

Credit Hour Limits

  • 18 credit hours is maximum enrollment for fall and spring
  • 9 credit hours is maximum credit hours for summer


Students can apply at any time to the Visiting Student Program using the Undergraduate Application. See the academic calendar, or call 573-882-7881 if you have questions about the program.  See registration instructions below.

If you are a junior or senior in high school looking to earn college credit, you may apply as a dual enrollment student. Submit your Dual Enrollment Application, found after scrolling down the page, along with the required paperwork, which is available on the Admissions website. After admission, the information regarding Registration follows the same guidelines as other Visiting Students, which are listed below.

Students continuously enrolled at MU do not have to apply every term.

Students will be charged a $25 application fee.

Visiting Student Application

Graduate Credit

No graduate credit is available through the Visiting Student Program. Degree seeking graduate students wishing to register for graduate courses at other University of Missouri System campuses should contact the Office of Graduate Studies about the UM Visiting Graduate Student Program.  Students who wish to enroll as visiting graduate students at Mizzou, should also contact the Office of Graduate Studies.


  1. Sign into myZou
  2. Check for any “holds”
  3. See details concerning which unit placed a hold on your account and contact that office for instructions
  4. Select classes
    • Look in myZou for classes offered
    • Use the Schedule Planner to build your ideal schedule options
    • Visit our Schedule Planner page to view a how-to video and download step-by-step instructions
    • Load your selected classes from the Schedule Planner into the shopping cart in myZou
    • Follow enrollment instructions listed in Schedule Planner
    • Click “Finish Enrollment” and follow instructions
  5. Visitors and other non-degree seekers will not have appointment times.
    • See the Academic Calendar for semester or term dates of enrollment for “Visiting students and dual high school registration.”
  6. Verify enrollment in myZou
    • Select the “Manage Classes” tile, then select “My Weekly Schedule” to verify enrollment
    • To make changes to your schedule visit our Add/Drop & Withdrawal page


Students enrolling through the visiting student program must obtain permission from either the professor or the department before enrolling in a course requiring consent or prerequisites.

Visiting Student Policies

  • Students on academic dismissal status from University of Missouri System schools are not eligible to register until one year has elapsed.
  • Students expelled from University of Missouri System schools may not enroll through the visiting student program.
  • Transfer into a degree-granting division of the university requires completion of the regular application process.
  • Registration is open on a space-available basis. Space is not available in law, medicine, veterinary medicine, journalism, engineering or most nursing courses. Usually no space is available in accountancy, computer science and some courses in other departments.
  • Students enrolling in the visiting student program will not normally be eligible for financial aid because the program is non-degree in orientation.
  • The Office of the University Registrar serves as the “dean’s office” for the program. The registration staff in the Office of the University Registrar may provide assistance in arranging courses.
  • For tuition and required fees information, go to myZou, then:
    • Click on “Student Center” and scroll to “Finances”, then select the “Financial Account” tile
  • International students must provide proof of a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper) or 79 (iBT, with no section below 17) or an IELTS score of 6.5 with no bands lower than 6.0. Some departments require higher scores.
  • Students must be high school graduates.
  • Students are subject to applicable university policies, including dismissal and probationary enrollment, student health immunizations, student conduct and Title IX.
  • Students must apply and register under the proper residency and pay the proper tuition and required fees.
  • Students who are non-citizens or are born outside of the United States may be asked to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residency.

Senior Citizen Scholars

Through the Visiting Student Program, Missouri senior citizens may enroll on space-available basis in all types of classes, regardless of delivery mode, including, but not limited to, face-to-face and online courses. Senior citizens must prove that they at least 65 years old on or before Aug. 1 of the semester by presenting a driver’s license or other photo identification bearing date of birth.

Senior citizens are awarded a scholarships equivalent to the required tuition for any corresponding enrollment in course work as a “hearer” (i.e. audit status with no grade or credit awarded).

Senior citizens must
  • apply as non-degree seeking
  • contact the Office of the University Registrar at 573-882-7881 to enroll as a hearer (audit, non-credit) after admission
  • adhere to maximum hours for Visiting Student programs
Senior citizens are charged
  • a $25 application fee
  • a $25 registration fee per senior citizen per semester
  • no charge for health fee
  • no student activity fee


  • Senior citizens will be allowed to enroll in graduate (7000-9999) level course work only if they meet the standards to be admitted as a post-baccalaureate and meet all pre-requisites for the course in which they seek to enroll, which may include permission of the faculty. For more information, contact
  • Senior citizens will not be allowed to use this process to enroll in Veterinary Medicine, Medicine or Law (JD) courses.
  • Any senior citizen who alters their enrollment status to receive credit, or is found to be out of compliance with any other standards required to receive this benefit, will be retroactively assessed the appropriate tuition and fees for the credit sought.