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How to Clear Web Browser Cookies & Cache

If web pages are displaying improperly, or if you are unable to sign in to a web page with your credentials, clearing your web browser cache and cookies may resolve the issue. View instructions from DoIT.

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Class Scheduling

Dropping for Non-Attendance

  • Attendance policies must be published on a course syllabus and/or in the notes section of the myZou system so that students are aware of each instructor’s attendance policy for each course.
  • If an instructor wishes to drop a student for non-attendance, the department may submit an email request from the appropriate associate dean or assistant dean to, requesting to drop the student for non-attendance.


  • Lists of students who are to be dismissed and whose enrollments are to be canceled due to their academic status may be submitted by email, embedded or as attachments, from the appropriate dean, associate dean or assistant dean to the Office of the University Registrar.

Requests to Change Class Start Times After Students Have Enrolled

  • Requests approved by the department chair and appropriate assistant dean or associate dean may be submitted by email.
  • Proof of student consent to the change must be provided to the Office of the University Registrar-Scheduling. (Student ID numbers should not be used if the roster is circulated in class.)
  • The email must be sent from the appropriate dean to the Office of the University Registrar, along with student approvals, at

The department must notify actively the enrolled students of the change.

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Room Scheduling

  • A request for the use of a centrally scheduled classroom or computing site must be submitted online.
  • You must have a valid university single sign on (SSO).
  • Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Email for help.

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IT Compliance

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Educational Assistance (Fee Waivers)

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Curriculum Management

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) Courses

Log into the CIM Courses system to submit a proposal for a new course or for an edit to an existing course.

Proposal Deadline

Deadlines for new/edited course form:

  • Dec. 10 for next summer or fall term
  • June 15 for the next spring term

Recurring meeting pattern is the third Friday of every month. The committee reserves the right to limit its’ review to items submitted by 5 p.m. on the first Friday of every month. This includes minor, certificate and program proposals available in the CIM Programs system, and to course proposals or edits available in the CIM Courses system.

If you have questions about CIM Courses, contact

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Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) Term (Honors & Writing Intensive Course Approvals)

Log into the CIM Term system to manage term approvals for Honors and Writing Intensive Courses.

  • The Campus Writing Program must have proposals submitted no later than one week prior to the start of the term.
  • The Honors College must have proposals submitted by the following dates preceding early registration for the term: Fall or Summer = February 1, Spring = October 1.

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) Programs

Log into the CIM Programs system to submit a proposal for a new academic program or to edit an existing academic program.

For detailed information on academic program proposals, consult the Academic Program Approval and Change Processes.


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CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS)

Log into CLSS to edit the schedule of classes.


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Topics Courses

Undergraduate Topics Courses

  • Print and complete the Proposed Undergraduate Topics Course Offering form to propose an undergraduate course (numbered 1–4999).
  • Undergraduate topics courses are intended for one-time special offerings or as opportunities to experiment with new courses prior their approval as permanent courses.
  • Topics titles may be offered for only two semesters. After two semesters, you must submit a Course Proposal using the CIM Courses system.
  • Topic titles must be in place in myZou on the course by the last day a student can register for a term.

Graduate Topics Courses

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University Catalog

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