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Enrollment Restrictions for Self-Paced Courses

Prerequisites & Permissions

  • If your academic unit requires advance approval to register for a self-paced course, you must contact your academic unit for approval. You will not be able to register in a self-paced course without their approval.
  • If you do not meet prerequisite requirements for a self-paced course, you must obtain a permission number from Mizzou Online.
  • Students enrolling into a self-paced course need to meet all prerequisites requirements. If you completed a prerequisite course as a transfer course and your transfer credit is not showing in myZou, request a permission number from the department offering the course.

Approval is required for enrollment in self-paced courses in the following schools and colleges:

  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine

The following schools and colleges do not require approval for enrollment in self-paced courses:

  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering
  • Graduate School
  • College of Human Environmental Sciences/Social Work
  • Sinclair School of Nursing
  • College of Veterinary Medicine

Credit Hour Limits

Limits are placed on the number of self-paced-course credit hours in which a student can enroll in one term. Limits vary by school or college.

  • College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: 7
  • College of Arts & Science: 7
  • Trulaske College of Business: 6
  • School of Health Professions: 6 (applies to campus and online students-effective Summer 2014)
  • School of Journalism: 6 (Effective Summer 2020)

Self- Paced courses Grading Basis Change

You may register to take a course Pass/Fail which means that you will either receive an S for Satisfactory or a U for Unsatisfactory for your final course grade. A Satisfactory grade is a C- or better.

Graduate students may take graduate level courses as Pass/Fail only if the course is designated as “Pass/Fail.”

Requests for S/U grading should be made in writing. Students cannot change from one grading system to the other after the first assignment has been submitted or after the first 15 days of enrollment have elapsed, whichever comes first.

UM students enrolling in an MU course for Pass/Fail: If you are a University of Missouri student, you are required to have your adviser’s approval (dean’s office) in order to take this course for Pass/Fail credit. Your adviser can send their approval by fax (573-882-5071) or email directly to our office.

For additional information on enrollment procedures and frequently asked questions on self-paced courses, please visit the Mizzou Online website at

International Students

Before enrolling in online courses, international students must contact the International Center at 573-882-6007 or

Only three online credits may be counted toward a student’s full-time enrollment requirements.

(For example, if an undergraduate international student takes six credits online, he or she must also take nine credits in a classroom to meet the 12-credit minimum. The student will earn 15 credits, but only 12 will count toward immigration requirements.)

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