Add/Drop & Withdrawal Forms

A student who wants to add a class after the deadline must complete Late Changes to Registration form and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar before the last day to late register.

A student who wants to withdraw from a course must complete the Course Withdrawal form.

Term Withdrawal Form

Use the Term Withdrawal Form to withdraw from all courses for the semester. Follow university policies for withdrawing from the term or withdrawing from university.

University withdrawal policy

If you wish to remain enrolled in one or more courses, follow the procedures for withdrawing from a course.

Course withdrawal policy

Before withdrawing, consider any possible impact on status, eligibility and services. Contact applicable offices, such as Cashiers, Student Financial Aid, Veterans Center, Residential Life, Athletics, International Center and personal insurance carriers.

Check with your academic area to see whether any additional forms are required.


Faculty will assign a grade of W (withdraw) or F (fail) based upon performance at the time the student withdraws. Before withdrawing from the term, verify with instructors which grades will be assigned. Refer to the university grading policy.

Grades for Withdrawn Students