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Credit Hour

The following policy applies to MU courses, regardless of mode of delivery.

One credit hour or unit represents approximately three hours of work a week by a student for one semester. For the student this typically means one hour in a standard, lecture style class and two hours of preparation. Per the Missouri Department of Higher Education, “A permanently transcribed instructional activity in which one semester credit hour shall consist of a minimum of seven hundred fifty (750) minutes (for example, 15 weeks x 50 minutes per week) of classroom experiences such as lecture, discussion, or similar instructional approaches, or a minimum of one thousand five hundred (1,500) minutes of such experiences as laboratory, studio, or equivalent experiences. Both of the above are exclusive of registration and final examination time. Greater amounts of practicum or internship instruction are normally required to be the equivalent of one credit hour. In vocational education laboratories, more clock hours per credit hour are usually required.”

Review the Credit Transfer Guidelines for Student Transfer and Articulation Among MO Colleges and Universities.

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems requirements of the National Center for Education Statistics define a credit hour as: “A unit of measure representing the equivalent of an hour (50 minutes) of instruction per week over the entire term. It is applied toward the total number of credit hours needed for completing the requirements of a degree, diploma, certificate, or other formal award.”

Policy Source: Missouri Department of Higher Education