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Name Changes

Policy Related to Changing Preferred Names for Students at the University of Missouri

The student may use preferred first and middle names at Mizzou. Preferred first and middle names are used on class rosters, ID cards, transcripts and diplomas and other locations where the legal name is not required. All preferred names should be entered into myZou following the instructions. Do not use quotation marks when entering any name type.
The policy outlining the use of the name may be found at: The University of Missouri Office of the University Registrar Preferred Name Policy

The path to update a preferred name in myZou is:
Student Center>Personal Information>Names>Add a New Name.

NOTE: The Human Resource computing system overrides ID card names. If students who are employed by MU wish to have a preferred name on ID cards, they need to contact their department MU HR officer. Students who have questions may contact the University Registrar.

Policy Related to Changing Legal or Primary Names for Students and Alumni at the University of Missouri

The student must submit one of the legal documents listed below under Proof of legal change to new name.”

The document submitted must have date of birth, a photograph and a signature. If you have multiple documents that prove your legal name change, please bring photocopies of the documents along with the name change form to the Office of the University Registrar.

Proof of legal change to new name:

  1. current, government-issued ID card such as a driver’s license, military ID, passport
  2. current, valid Social Security card with new name
  3. federally recognized Indian tribe’s enrollment card or a US Bureau of Indian Affairs identification card containing the new name, the signature and photograph of the individual
  4. certified copy of a court order or a marriage certificate or a dissolution decree reflecting the new name in full

Policy Source: University Registrar