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Non-Directory Information Release

The Non-Directory Information Release Process allows verbal access only to student’s academic information. Once we verify an inquirer’s identity, we may share information about the student. No copies of grades, transcripts or other information in a written form will be provided. Students may grant or remove access at any time. For more information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Non-Directory Information Release process visit

Additional Authorized Access (AAA) provides authorized users access to view the following information on a student’s account within the myZou system.

  • Student Account Information
    • Access to log into TouchNet link – The student must grant access to the individual before they can log into TouchNet
    • Grants access to 1098T Tax Forms 2018 and prior
    • Grants access to Bookstore Receipts
    • Grants access to Billing Statement History
  • Academic Information
    • Grants access to view Class Schedule, Grades, and Transfer Credit information within the myZou system
  • Directory Information
    • Grants access to view address, e-mail, and phone information

Financial Aid

  • Grants access to view financial aid information
  • This includes information about awards, loans, scholarships, fellowships and work study jobs that you have received or have been offered.
  • If the student has applied for financial aid, it includes information about the status of his/her application.

Only students can grant access to an authorized member. To grant access, log into myZou.

  • Choose the “Personal Information” tile
  • Choose “Information Privacy”
  • Choose “Additional Authorized Access”