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Active Military Duty Leave

Re-Admission of Previously Enrolled Students

Enrolled students called into active service in the armed forces of the United States prior to the completion of the semester shall be eligible for either of the options listed below.

Students taking distance / online classes who reside in states other than Missouri where a conflicting law may require other options than listed below will be given the accommodations required by that law when the student provides documentation of the law’s existence and proof of its applicability to him/her.

Students who are enrolled at the University of Missouri and reside in a state outside of Missouri should review the information below related to unique military deployment benefits.

The Office of the University Registrar will require the following information:

  • a copy of the military orders, as soon as possible
  • forwarding address
  • name, address and phone number of a contact or representative
  • the student’s name as it is on MU records
  • MU ID number
  • which option the student wishes to choose for classes

Students must choose one of the options listed below:

  • withdraw from all courses for the term (official transcript will indicate the withdrawn courses, withdrawal date and reason for withdrawing)
  • drop from all courses for the term (drop courses will not appear on your transcript)
  • receive incompletes in all courses for the current term

Protocol for Active Duty Form

Please complete the information on the form Leaving for Active Military Duty and submit to the Office of the University Registrar through the electronic submission process.

Residential Life

Residential Life will be contacted and informed of the student’s intent to exit the university. Room, board and social fees will be prorated and applied to the university student account based on the effective date of the student’s official checkout from the residence hall or other university accommodations.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid will be informed of the student’s status and official withdrawal date and may make adjustments according to federal, State of Missouri and institutional guidelines.


Scholarships may or may not be applicable upon the student’s return to the university. For example, Section 41.948.2, RSMo, provides that if a student has been awarded a scholarship to be used to pursue an academic program in any higher education institution in Missouri and he or she is not able to complete the term for which the scholarship was granted, the student shall be awarded that scholarship at any subsequent academic term provided the student returns to the academic program at the same institution at the beginning of the next academic term after the completion of active military service. If a student has any scholarships or other aid or award, he or she should contact the issuer to determine whether it will be applicable on his or her return and whether he or she will need to satisfy any other conditions.

Re-Admission of Previously Enrolled Students

Military students returning to Mizzou from Active Duty may not need to complete the application for re-admission. Please fill out Returning from Active Military Duty form. Any questions please contact the Office of the University Registrar through our Cherwell portal.

View Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 41 (41.948). This policy is implemented to ensure that students called to active duty prior to the end of a term receive fair and just treatment, both financially and academically.

Policy Source: Faculty Council, Article VII, 2C

Add/Drop & Withdrawal