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Incomplete Grades

Incomplete Grades (Grade of I)

Whenever students cannot be assigned a grade at the end of a course in which they have been enrolled because their work is for good reason incomplete, the instructor will postpone the grades, reporting I grades to the University Registrar.

Assignment of I Grade

An I grade may be assigned only when:

  • the completed portion of the student’s work in the course is of passing quality and
  • there is such evidence of hardship as to make it unjust to hold the student to the limits previously fixed for the completion of the work.

I Grade Records

Each department of the schools and colleges maintains a record of I grades in courses of that department. (Exemptions are made for research courses and problems courses related to research assignments.) This record, kept in the electronic Student Information System, includes

  • name of the student
  • course number, title and credits
  • semester and year of enrollment
  • signature of the instructor
  • brief statement of the reason for delaying the grade
  • adequate guide for the removal of the I grade, along with a suggested final grade in the event of the departure or extended absence of the instructor from the campus

Resolving an I Grade

An undergraduate student who receives an I grade must complete the course requirements either (1) within one year from the date it was recorded (unless the course is numbered 4950-4959 or 4995), or (2) before the date of graduation, whichever comes first.

When an incomplete is satisfactorily resolved, the faculty member responsible for the grade change will notify the registrar of the revised grade. Otherwise, the registrar will remove the I and record a grade of F in classes graded A-F for a grade of U in classes graded S/U. Any student planning to graduate with an unresolved I grade should be aware that translation to an F could drop the GPA below requirements for graduation. As with any academic deficiency, the low GPA would delay the student’s graduation until all requirements for graduation are met. When the incomplete work is accomplished, proper notification of the grade to be assigned will be provided to the University Registrar and the student.


Exceptions to an unresolved incomplete grade changing to an F are

  • courses taken for graduate level credit
  • courses taken prior to fall 2003
  • undergraduate research, honors research or problems courses
    that are approved for multiple terms of continuous research


A grade of I is not figured into the grade point average.


Students should not re-enroll in a course for which they have been assigned a grade of I.

help_outlineQuestions? Contact the Office of the University Registrar-Records at 573-882-7881.

Policy Source:Faculty Council, Article VII, 2C