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Course Repeat

The course repeat policy will not be applied automatically to a student’s GPA. After completing the second attempt of a course, a student must submit a request for GPA adjustment form to the
University Registrar’s Office.

GPA Adjustment Form

When the grade received in an initial attempt, for an undergraduate course at University of Missouri, or any University of Missouri System campus, is a “C-“, “D+”, “D”, “D-“, “F” or “WF”, the grade will be replaced in the calculation of the GPA by the grade received in any second attempt of the same course at the University of Missouri (unless the repeat grade is an I or W). All grades received in second and subsequent attempts will be included in GPA calculations. No more than 15 semester hours will be dropped from the calculation of the student’s GPA. All attempts of a given course will appear on the official transcript with the grade(s) earned. The transcript will have an explanation that the GPA is calculated using all grades earned in a course except the initial attempt when a course has been repeated.
This policy is effective with course work where the initial enrollment and completion of the course was fall semester 2000 and thereafter.

Any course being repeated may not be taken on an S/U basis. This policy does not imply a guarantee that openings will be available in courses if and when students wish to retake them, and instructors will not ordinarily know whether a student is enrolled in a course for the second time. When a course is repeated, all applicable tuition and required fees apply.

Degree credit may be earned only once for a particular course unless a department or division has, in other policies, allowed for multiple credit from that course.

Students are strongly encouraged to visit with an adviser to determine whether re-enrollment is advisable (certain department or divisional policies may be important in this connection). Further, students should be aware that repeating a course may have an impact on financial aid, insurance, entrance to professional schools, participation in athletics, immigration status, and other non-academic matters.

The academic status of a student in a given semester will not change as a result of repeating a course.

The policy is applicable to undergraduate students only.

Clarifying Comments

Students should not re-enroll in a course for which they have been assigned a grade of “I”.

Students may not apply the course repeat policy to courses once they have graduated. This also applies to students who are seeking a second undergraduate degree.

For the purposes of this policy, an undergraduate course is any course an undergraduate student attempts for undergraduate credit regardless of the course level. A student may not apply the course repeat policy to a course repeated as an undergraduate student for graduate credit.

If the department or course number has changed since the student completed the first attempt of a course, the department offering the course will verify that the subsequent course is substantially the same and the course repeat policy may apply. If the initial course is a cross-listed course, a student may apply the course repeat policy if the student subsequently completes the cross-listed course offered by the alternate department.

Courses for which a NR, W or a grade of I are assigned are not considered attempts since no final grade has been recorded.

If the initial attempt of a course contained an attribute such as; honors, writing intensive, math reasoning proficiency, service learning, or computer proficiency, the second attempt is not required to contain the same course attribute for the purpose of the course repeat policy. Students should be aware that if the second course does not have the same attribute as the initial course they will no longer be allowed to count the initial attribute toward any graduation requirement.

Grades of C or greater may not be repeated under the course repeat policy because these grades are considered acceptable work and would not prevent a student from graduating from MU.

Students may replace the grade earned from the course at the University of Missouri or any other University of Missouri campus with a grade earned in an equivalent course at University of Missouri campus. Courses for which a W or a grade of I are assigned are not considered attempts since no final grade has been recorded.

Effective summer term 2003, MU-authored Missouri Online courses may be used in conjunction with the Course Repeat Policy.

Policy Source: Faculty Council, Article VII, 2G