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Required Documents

You’ll need to provide copies of several documents when you submit your residency application, listed below. Some documents will need to be notarized. Our office provides notary services free of charge for residency applicants.

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*These steps are quick and simple, so we recommend completing them first.

Driver’s License

The copy of your Missouri driver license must be your permanent license. The DMV sends you your permanent license within four to six weeks of applying for one, so do this early. If you are a non-driver, you must submit a copy of your State of Missouri non-driver ID card.

If you are unable to transfer your driver’s license from outside of Missouri due to violations or other circumstances, you can submit any documentation available confirming this status.

Voter Registration

You can register as a voter in Boone County online. If you’re not a U.S. citizen and have a U.S. Permanent Resident Card, please provide a copy of this in place of a voter registration card. If you object to registering to vote, you can submit a written document with your petition indicating your decision.

Proof of Presence

Proof of your presence in Missouri mostly involves showing where you lived and worked during the summer months, from May through August. This includes a few different documents.

Bank Statements

You’ll need to provide bank statements over the summer months (May through August) that show a transaction every two to three days showing your presence in Missouri. If there’s a stretch of days unaccounted for, you may be asked to provide additional documentation.

Your bank doesn’t have to be in Missouri, but the transactions have to have happened in Missouri and your name must be printed on the statements. A parent can be listed on the account as well, but only you are allowed to make purchases with the account. Only transactions that show they were completed in Missouri will be accepted. Note: online purchases and mobile transfers are not recorded as Missouri transactions.

  • During your establishing period, the time you can spend outside the state is limited. May through August, you are only allowed a maximum of 14 days outside of Missouri. More than 14 days outside of Missouri during this time will disqualify you from gaining residency. Note: any bank transaction made in another state will count as one of the 14 allowable days out of state.
  • You can still travel out of state as much as you want during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.
If you signed a lease

Provide a copy of your lease or sublease with you listed as a lessee, or in the absence of a lease, a notarized letter from your lessor that shows your address, the dates you lived there, and terms of your arrangement.

If you lived with a friend or family member

Get a notarized letter from the friend or family member that hosted you that shows your address, the dates you lived there, and terms of your arrangement. Additionally, submit a copy of the lease or property deed of the host showing the address where you resided.

If you lived in a residence hall over the summer

Provide a letter from the Residential Life Office showing your move-in and move-out dates.

If you stayed at your fraternity or sorority house

You’ll need a copy of your lease and a verification letter on official house letterhead that states where you lived, the dates you lived there and your lease terms. The letter must be written by either your house parent or president. Note: if you moved into your residence earlier than the start date on your lease, it is your responsibility to provide a letter confirming your actual move-in date. The letter must be notarized by the house manager or chapter president.

As long as you’re enrolled at Mizzou during the academic year, you don’t need to provide housing documentation for that period.

Proof of Taxable Income

Proof of taxable income requires you to submit your pay stubs and work schedules for the summer months. This income must be earned in Missouri. It doesn’t matter where in Missouri you earn your income, so long as it’s in the state.

You’ll need to have earned at least $3,000 of taxable income during your qualifying 12-month period. There are deadlines for earning the $3,000 depending on your qualifying period. These are:

  • Spring Semester – Feb. 15
  • Summer Semester – June 15
  • Fall Semester – Sept. 1

You may not work for or with a family member or do the work online without documentation the online work was completed in Missouri. Servers and nannies have some extra documentation to provide. You’ll have to provide an income log in addition to schedules and pay stubs to document tips that were not recorded on the pay stubs.

Nannies must also provide a letter from the family they worked with that includes the family’s name, address, employment dates, student’s name and pay rate. A nanny must also provide a copy of a Missouri driver’s license from one of the family members they worked for and copies of all payment checks.

If you’re married, your spouse’s taxable income can count towards the $3,000 requirement. You’ll need to provide copies of your joint tax return, marriage license and Missouri W-2.

Prior Year’s Federal Tax Return

You’ll need to submit a copy of pages 1 and 2 of the prior year Federal 1040 income tax form showing your dependency status.

  • If you were under 21 during any part of the qualifying 12 months, a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your parent’s prior year Federal 1040 income tax form showing you were NOT claimed as a dependent. If your parents are divorced, please submit a copy of pages 1 and 2 of the prior year tax return for each parent.
  • If you were 21 or older for the entire qualifying 12 months, a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your prior year Federal and Missouri 1040 income tax form.

Auto Registration

You only need to provide a copy of your Missouri auto registration if you’re the sole owner of your car.

Refer to the Missouri Residence and Tuition Assessment Administrative Guidelines for the official residency requirements established by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.