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GPA of Record

The grade point average for any period is obtained by dividing the quality points earned by the total number of credits for which the student was enrolled during that period. Grades of S, U, H, W, NR or I are not included in determining the grade point average.

UM grade point average and grade point average of record.  Effective Spring 2011, for each undergraduate student at the University there will be calculated one cumulative GPA.  The CUM GPA is the University of Missouri GPA, which will include all grades, credits, and honor points attempted at any University of Missouri System campus. In computing the GPA, the grade points assigned to students’ transfer work are the grade points that would have been assigned if the courses had been taken on the University of Missouri campus, including any adjustments made under policies related to course repeats and/or Academic Renewal/Forgiveness.  The CUM GPA will be the GPA of record and will be printed on the official transcript along with the term GPAs.

To calculate a grade point average, go to the GPA calculator.

Policy Source: Faculty Council, Article VII, 2H