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Dual Enrollment

Undergraduate/Graduate Enrollment

Qualified undergraduate students will be eligible to enroll in up to 12 hours of graduate credit during the last 30 hours of their undergraduate program.


With the approval of the undergraduate adviser, the undergraduate divisional dean, the director of graduate studies, and the graduate dean, eligible seniors may dually enroll as an undergraduate for up to 12 semester hours of graduate credit. To qualify, seniors must:

  1. Have a B average in the most recent 45 semester hours of credit
  2. Be within 30 hours of completing graduation requirements for the first bachelor’s degree

Graduate degree programs may establish their own policies with regard to enrollment in and the applicability of senior dual enrollment credits.

Senior Dual Enrollment courses are considered non-degree graduate courses. Please contact the MU Office of Student Financial Aid to determine financial aid eligibility. Please be aware that reducing the number of undergraduate courses taken may negatively affect some forms of Financial Aid.

Dual enrollment forms must be completed and approved by the Graduate School prior to registering for the graduate level courses.

Undergraduate/Law Enrollment (90-Credit Program)

With prior written approval, select undergraduate MU Arts and Science students may have up to 30 credits in courses from the School of Law, which are acceptable to the faculty of the College of Arts and Science, applied toward a Bachelor of Arts degree. This combined curriculum enables students to obtain both the bachelor of arts (BA) and the juris doctor (JD) degrees in six years.

Other university divisions, and some colleges and universities other than MU, accept the juris doctor in lieu of the fourth year of college and award a baccalaureate degree upon graduation from MU’s Law School. Students interested in this program should check with the dean of their college early in their undergraduate careers to ensure compliance with all requirements.

The undergraduate degree is a requirement for the juris doctor degree. Students entering law school under this combined degree program must make arrangements with their undergraduate schools to complete all requirements for their undergraduate degree.

Students with Bright Flight or MU-awarded scholarships, such as Curators, Excellence and Diversity, may use these awards in the law school. Check with the Office of Financial Aid.

Please note:
While not a problem in the state of Missouri, prior to participating in the 90-credit program, students should determine whether participation would adversely affect admission to the bar in the jurisdiction in which they expect to practice. Some states will not admit to their bar persons with fewer than 14 semesters of university work or who did not have their bachelor’s degree before entering law school.

Policy Source: Graduate Faculty Senate