Application Process for Missouri Residency

Applications for Missouri residency status are accepted each semester. You must provide documentation proving your residency in Missouri for the 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the semester you plan to apply.

Each petition is reviewed individually on its own merits. If the petition is not approved, you will have the option to appeal the decision. 

Once you have been granted Missouri residency, you must maintain continuous enrollment for the Fall and Spring semesters. Should you not attend school for one of these semesters, you will be required to re-establish your eligibility in order to pay MIssouri resident fees.  

Petitioning periods

You may apply for residency beginning the first day of classes of the semester that you wish to be considered a Missouri resident. Please see the petitioning packet for the semester deadline.  

Once the application deadline for a semester has passed, the petitioning period for that semester is also over and no changes can be made to your residency status.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the Fall 2019 petitioning packet
  2. Make copies of all the following required documents (do not submit original documents):
  3. Submit required documents to the front desk in 125 Jesse Hall
    • Submit documents in a large envelope given to you at the Residency Department
    • Write your name and student number on it
    • Return it to the front desk in 125 Jesse Hall
    • Keep the receipt with the number of the envelope and the date you submitted the packet to the Residency Department
  4. Watch your myZou email for updates regarding the status of your petition. 

We cannot make copies or return any documents to you. All documents submitted become the property of MU. Once your file is complete, you will receive an email notifying you of the decision.

Incomplete petitions cannot be evaluated and will cause a delay in the determination of your residency status. 

Appeal process

  1. If your residency petition is denied, you may appeal the decision by asking your campus residency officer to submit your application to the Committee on Residency for Tuition Purposes for review.
  2. The Committee will hear your appeal and, if requested, will give you a hearing before the Committee.
  3. The Committee will notify you and your campus residency officer of its decision.
  4. You may appeal an adverse ruling to the Chancellor, whose decision is final.

Tuition reimbursement 

If your bill has been paid in full for the semester in which you applied residency, the Cashier’s Office will reassess your tuition and fees.  If there is any overpayment after all other charges have been covered, the payment will be returned to the student.You should be able to see the change on your myZou Student Services Center seven to 10 business days after receiving your approval email from the Residency Department.

If your parents have access to view your bill electronically, they will be able to see your status change after the Cashier’s Office runs the bill for the following billing period. This takes place generally around the 20 to 25 of each month.

Financial aid

If you receive financial aid or scholarships, contact The Office of Student Financial Aid to determine how changing your residency status might affect your award.

Student athletes

If you are a student-athlete, you must notify the Athletic Compliance Office that you are applying for Missouri residency. Obtaining Missouri residency status may result in an athletic scholarship adjustment based on in-state costs.