Placement Testing for New Students

Mathematics Placement

Most first-time freshmen must take the ALEKS exam, an online mathematics assessment, for placement in mathematics courses.

Math Placement »

Placement may be based on ALEKS results or on prior course credit, including

  • transfer credit
  • dual credit
  • AP credit
  • IB credit

For students exempt from college algebra based on ACT or SAT math sub-scores, the ALEKS exam may still be required for other mathematics course placement.

German/French/Spanish/Latin Placement

All bachelor's-degree candidates in the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Journalism are required to take 12-13 hours of a foreign language before graduation.

For each first-time freshman, a placement test is required if

  • you choose German, French, Spanish or Latin
  • you took more than one year of language in high school
  • you are not enrolled in Arts & Science but want to enroll in German/French/Spanish/Latin at level two or above

Register on the Testing Services site.

Testing Services »

Testing takes place in room 40 of the Arts & Sciences building during Summer Welcome and the first part of each semester at no charge to the student. At other times of the year, placement tests are available for a fee. Contact Testing Services at 573-882-4801.

International Student Placement

Undergraduate international students must take the MU English Language Proficiency Exam. The exam must be completed before a student can enroll in classes.

International Admissions »

Students must register for the exam at 208 McReynolds Hall.