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Late Registration

Late Changes to Registration

Unless exempted by Faculty Council policy, no registrations are allowed after the last day to add, which is at the end of the first week of a regular semester. (Exceptions include the graduate exam, internships, problems, research and special readings classes.)   Deadlines for the last day to add or enroll in regular-length and eight-week classes may be found in the academic calendar. Class start and end dates for all class sections are listed in myZou on the class detail information in myZou.

Enrollments on or after the first day of the regular term (or the first day of class for other class sections) will be assessed a late fee, but only if the student is not enrolled in any other classes for that semester or term. The late fee is equivalent to the tuition assessed for one, undergraduate credit hour (regardless of the student’s level.) Class session meeting dates are on the class information in myZou. Class meeting dates for regular semesters is found on the academic calendar in the academic calendar.