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Add/Drop & Withdrawal

Late Changes to Registration

Students who have no holds that block registration may add or drop classes through myZou before the posted deadlines. After a deadline has passed, students must follow procedures for late changes 

info_outlinePosted deadlines apply only to full-semester and full-term classes. Check the dates on the class section within myZou for part-of-term, eight-week and self-paced classes.

Adding a Class

Students may add classes through myZou before the posted deadlines.

If a class is full or requires consent, the student must get a permission number from the appropriate department to add the class.

Only problems, special readings, internships, grad exam or research may be added after the expiration of one week following the first day of classes in a fall or spring semester, or an equivalent period of time in a shorter session.

After the deadline has passed, students must follow procedures for late changes

Self-Paced Classes

For self-paced classes, students may enroll beginning at the start of the early registration period for that term of enrollment and ending the day before the start of early registration for the next term of enrollment.

Exception: During the summer term, enrollment ends on the summer census day. 

Dropping a Class

Students can drop a class in myZou until the last day to drop a course without a grade. Check the posted deadlines for classes that meet for the full semester or term.

Before dropping or withdrawing from a class, check the Cashier’s adjustment schedule to understand how changes will impact your tuition and fee assessment. Also, please consult your financial aid advisor, if you recieve financial aid of any type.

Dropping or withdrawing from a self-paced course must occur prior to the drop or withdraw deadlines for the self-paced course and prior to the completion of the final lesson and/or exam in the self-paced course.

If a student wishes to drop a class after the last day to drop without a grade, the process is referred to as withdrawing from a course. Follow instructions for withdrawing from a course

Dropping all classes is considered withdrawal from the university.

help_outlineConfused by our terminology? Check out Mizzou Glossary.