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Withdrawal from a Course

If a student drops a course after the last day to drop a course without a grade, the process is referred to as withdrawing from a course. To withdraw from a course, a student must begin in his or her academic advising unit by completing the Course Withdrawal Form.

Students must check with their academic areas to:

  • obtain approval and signatures
  • determine whether additional forms are required

The form must include all signatures to be accepted by the Office of the University Registrar. The registration changes are not considered complete until the Office of the University Registrar has accepted the form.

Follow all instructions for completing the required forms »

Students enrolled on campus need to submit their forms in person. Off-campus students also have the option to submit the signed form by fax, or scan and e-mail it.

Where to Submit Forms

Instructions for submitting forms vary by type of student (undergraduate, graduate, professional) and whether the student is enrolled in a degree program.

Undergraduate Students

Graduate & Professional Students


Students may not withdraw from all courses or their last course through myZou. This must be done through the academic advising unit to which the student is assigned. If it is more than 10 days prior to the start of the term, the student may withdraw (drop last class) him or herself through myZou.

Policy source: Faculty Handbook