Auditing a Course

Students who wish to obtain knowledge from a course but do not need or want the credit for graduation may enroll in the course(s) as auditors/hearers.

  • Hearers receive no credit toward a degree, and an H grade appears on the transcript. The credit received when auditing a course does not count toward your verification of full, half or less than half time enrollment status. This credit is not reported to the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment verifications.
  • Students pay standard fees for the course(s).
  • Students may not change their registration status (hearer vs. credit) after two weeks following the first day of classes in regular session or the equivalent thereof in a shorter session.
  • Check the academic calendar for deadlines.
  • Students who want to change their grading basis must go to the academic advising office before two weeks following the first day of classes in regular session or equivalent thereof in a shorter session.
  • Students who fail to meet class requirements may be dropped from the course by their academic advising unit upon request of their instructor and with the dean’s stamp.
  • Normally, a hearer will attend the course on a regular basis; either the department or an individual instructor will stipulate the requirements for enrollment in a course as a hearer.
  • Students participating on study abroad programs are not allowed to audit courses.  For information on study abroad courses,  contact the International Center at 573-882-6007.

Policy Source: Faculty Council, Article III, No. 5

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