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Grade appeals

Guidelines for grade changes are as follows:

  • Students who believe that they have been graded unfairly or incorrectly should see the course instructor.
  • If still dissatisfied, the student may appeal to the chair of the department. (If the course has a large number of sections, it may have a course director. If so, the student should see the director before appealing the grade to the department chair.)
  • The chair of the department will conduct an investigation. The chair cannot substitute his or her judgment for that of the instructor concerning the quality of the student’s work.
  • If the instructor of the course also is the department chair, the dean of the school or college will handle grade appeals.
  • No one may substitute personal judgment for that of the instructor
    concerning the quality of the student’s work. However, mathematical or mechanical errors in scoring examinations may be corrected.
  • No grade shall be otherwise changed unless there is clear, convincing and unequivocal evidence that it was a direct result of arbitrary and capricious conduct by the instructor.

For more information see the Faculty Handbook academic regulations applying to grade appeals.

Students must choose to change their grading option no later than after the expiration of two weeks following the first day of classes in regular session or the equivalent thereof in a shorter session. Contact the Office of the University Registrar-Registration for specific dates for each semester and for classes of irregular or non-standard length.

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Last updated: April 17, 2014